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This morning Glen Klatovksy, Director of The Places You Love Alliance will present to the Senate Standing Committee on the Environment on proposed amendments to Australia’s environment protection laws that would hand powers from the Australian Government to the states. The Places You Love Alliance strongly opposes this approach

Map of proposed changes to State Development Area in Gladstone - removal of part of the Environmental Management Precinct (goes to National Park) - Removal of Kangaroo Island as part of the SDA - Addition of a large chunk of coastline behind the disastrous bund wall, to join up with the Targinnie precinct.

The State Development Area in Gladstone as of 1 March 2014

We have been keeping UNESCO informed of local developments.

Our submission to this process which ended in approval of Abbott Point dredging.

Our input into the second 'inquiry'

Contains much of Jan's water quality presentation re dredging

Letter to SEWPAC requesting Water Quality data.

This feedback relates to draft strategic assessment reports as prepared by the GBRMPA and State of Queensland Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning. It is somewhat perplexing to see management of the reef described as effective when the reef has lost half its coral cover since 1985. It undermines the credibility of the whole assessment process.

"SHAME ON YOU To those within the authority who have enabled this decision, shame on you. For those who support it, shame on you. For those who may not support it and have said nothing, shame on you.... "

Leaked report showing why the bund wall leaked - poor design and sub-standard materials. A Brisbane Times artice summarises the report -

A letter sent by a wide variety of stakeholders demanding a public inquiry* into the development of the Galilee Basin’s carbon-heavy coal deposits and the industrialisation of a massive area of central Queensland sent to the Prime Minister and Environment Minister Hunt on the 25th of November has gone unanswered. We request that this urgent matter be dealt with immediately.

25 November 2013 Call for public inquiry: Protection of Queensland’s World Heritage Values, biodiversity and water resources Dear Prime Minister, We write regarding a suite of proposals we believe are likely to have significant national impacts on matters of national environmental significance currently under the direct control of the Australian Government. These proposals are associated with the mining of largely undisturbed coal and gas resources of Queensland’s Galilee Basin, which is likely to have significant impacts on the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Artesian Basin, the Burdekin Catchment, the Desert Uplands bioregion, Bimblebox Nature Refuge and our global climate.

Re: Abbott Point - "I have seen first hand what the dredging has done to the Gladstone Harbour and it sickens me to think that this could be repeated somewhere else"

Gladstone Conservation Council is responding to Minister Powell’s press release: Healthy partnership secures Gladstone Harbour’s future.

Save the Reef says that Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt should not approve any new LNG or coal port development until public confidence in Australia’s management of world heritage waters has been restored. ‘That must include the ending of undue influence by coal and gas on representatives on the marine authority.

Gladstone Conservation Council need to highlight concerns regarding the Independent Review of the Port of Gladstone Report on Findings July 2013 in the light of ongoing approvals based on the inadequate advice represented.

Environment group Save the Reef says the new federal Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, should reconvene the Independent Review of the Port of Gladstone given the latest revelations about water quality in the harbour.

19 October 2013 media release by Gladstone Conservation Council about the Draft Ports Strategy.

13 October 2013 Gladstone Conservation Council responds to information reported in the press with respect to graphic images of turbidity in Gladstone harbour.

8 October 2013 - MORE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE ON GLADSTONE HARBOUR’S POOR WATER QUALITY: Coordinator-General trips in haste to approve Shell Aust LNG Plant Environment group Save the Reef says that the Queensland Coordinator-General and Shell Australia have acknowledged the woeful water quality of Gladstone Harbour but are seeking to use this information to weaken environmental standards for the harbour’s fourth LNG plant.

7 October 2013 SAN FRANCISCO— Conservation groups amended an existing lawsuit today to challenge U.S. funding for a second fossil fuel production and transport facility located inside Australia’s Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. The U.S. Export-Import Bank has now committed nearly $5 billion in loans to support construction and operation of the two massive liquefied natural gas facilities. Located next to each other on Curtis Island near Gladstone in Queensland, the projects threaten sea turtles, dugongs and many other rare and protected marine species, as well as the world-famous Great Barrier Reef itself. Follow this link to the amended complaint.

7 October 2013 - SAVE THE REEF GLADSTONE REGIONAL COUNCIL JUSTIFIED IN OPPOSING 4th LNG PLANT CURTIS IS ...‘Shell admits in their Supplementary Report to the Environmental Impact Study that their plant will increase nitrogen dioxide emissions over the township which already exceed the Environmental Protection (Air) Policy (2008) standard for human health and well being' ...

October 2 2013: This is a letter which was endorsed by the Gladstone Conservation Council (among many other groups) with regard to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement which would give foreign companies the ability to sue our government for policy decisions. The document also contains the associated media release and fact sheet.

Friday, August 30, 2013 Curtis Island land becomes protected area Queenslanders can now enjoy greater access and recreation opportunities on Curtis Island with the dedication of 2,900 hectares of protected area on the island’s southern end. Environment and Heritage Protection Minister Andrew Powell and National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing Minister Steve Dickson said the Newman Government had been working closely to convert the former grazing property to protected area.

19/07/2013 The President of Gladstone Conservation Council today welcomed the upcoming visit to Bundaberg of Mark Ogge from The Australia Institute. "The Australia Institute, is a highly respected, independent think-tank based at the University of Canberra and we are glad to have Mark come to town at this very important time in Bundaberg's history." said Jan Arens, President of Gladstone Conservation Council.

19/07/2013 The President of Gladstone Conservation Council today welcomed the upcoming visit to Gladstone of Mark Ogge from The Australia Institute. "The Australia Institute, is a highly respected, independent think-tank based at the University of Canberra and we are glad to have Mark come to town." said Jan Arens, President of Gladstone Conservation Council.