Dear Mr Prime Minister

It's really a shame that in 2013, well into the 21st century, I should have to write this. I feel like I no longer know what Australia is. The Lucky Country doesn't seem to have changed very much since I was in my early teens, but the political dynamic suddenly seems to be veering towards fascism. The first step of course is to cut off communication and to make the workings of government opaque.

As someone with mixed European heritage and with relatives living in Germany who were displaced by WW2, the lessons from that time seem obvious to me. Are grey uniforms next?

In all seriousness, I see what is coming out of the Federal Government and cold shivers run down my spine.


Here's the thing, Mr Prime Minister. You can't put the Internet Revolution back in the genie bottle it came out of. So I can publish this article without having to kowtow to your censors. And guess what? You can take away our funding (what little there is) and we will fund our campaigns out of our own pockets. You can take away our right to assembly, and we will assemble anyway. You can take away our right to free speech and we will assert it anyway. You can shut down our websites and we will re-instate them.

We will remain committed to non-violence but here's the thing. When you try to impose a fascist state on a people who have always enjoyed a large amount of freedom, here's what will and is happening - previously non-radical good citizens will be driven to civil disobedience. You will have done it to yourself, and you will have only yourself to blame when your power is taken away from you.

Kind Regards

Anna Hitchcock

(PS. No I don't have dreadlocks, and I am not funded by the CIA 🙂